Why Might You Want To Get Spinal Treatments?

There are many questions and things to consider before choosing spinal treatments or surgeries. Is surgery required to treat the problem, or would non-surgical treatment be more efficient? If surgery is necessary, which one is better – traditional spine surgery or minor invasive spine surgery? What are the reasons that you need surgery? What symptoms are not avoidable? Let us start and answer all questions –

Why Do You Need Spinal Treatment/Surgery?

  1. Your doctor may tell you to visit the orthopedic surgeon if you face bone spurring.
  2. Bone spurring in your spine is usually caused due to arthritis that puts pressure on your spinal cord.
  3. Slip disk that is not getting fine for a long time
  4. Trouble/problem in walking or using hands
  5. Numbness or weakness in your legs and arms
  6. Degenerative spinal conditions such as stenosis cause side effects such as weakness.
  7. High fever along with back pain is a sign of spinal infection.
  8. Tumor on the spinal cord
  9. Bowel control or lost bladder control due to issue with the back nerves
  10. A misplaced or broken bone in your back.

However, ensure to talk to the surgeon at adrspine.com and be clear about the treatment. You must discuss and gain more knowledge about all options available.

So, Are You In Need Of Back Surgery?

Back surgery is the last option if other conservative treatments have not worked and your pain is unbearable. Back surgery relieves pain or numbness that occurs in one or both legs or arms. These symptoms can be observed due to nerves compressed in your spine. There are various reasons to go for surgery that includes –

Overgrowth Of Bone

Yes, Osteoarthritis can lead to bone spurring on your spine, and this extra bone adversely impacts the hinge joints on the spinal column at the back. It can narrow down the space for nerves to go through the opening present in your spine.

Disk Issues

The building or ruptured herniated disks are the rubbery cushions that separate the bones of your spine. It can press too tightly against the spinal nerve affecting its functioning.

Thus, it is tough to find the exact cause of a patient’s back pain even when X-rays show disk issues or bone spurs. X-rays often show herniated or bulging disks that lead to no symptoms and require no treatment. Spinal problems are critical, so you must consult a professional and highly experienced doctor.

Final Words

There are different types of spinal surgeries and treatments. You must go with the advice of experts and discuss with them spinal problems and solutions.… Read the rest

Can You Reduce Wrinkles With Non-Surgical Treatments?

Fine lines and wrinkles come with aging. But as many people try to diminish their appearance with facial exercise with no success, most of them eventually look into cosmetic procedures. In this brief article, we are about to give a definitive answer to one of the most popular questions that our Montreal estheticians receive almost every day.

Are there any non-surgical treatments that can reduce deep wrinkles? The answer is a resounding yes. In the last five years, options like the non-surgical facelift became widely available. You can get in and out of the doctor’s office quickly. No need to undergo general anesthesia and wait for post-op incisions to heal!

What Experienced Montreal Estheticians Can Tell You About Cosmetic Procedures That Reduce Wrinkles

The evolution of different options for skin rejuvenation has grown to a significant level. So, it is no wonder that the abundance of information confuses people who do not know much about the available procedures. In brief, your skin type determines which non-surgical treatments are best for you.

At our clinic, the doctor may indicate radio frequency technology as a viable solution for your wrinkles. The use of radio waves or radio frequency makes it possible to convert energy from radio to heat. As a result, the device induces a specific target temperature in the skin to elicit a collagen remodeling response. But that is not the only option.

Personalized Non-surgical Treatments to Reduce Wrinkles

Each person deserves a personalized solution. As long as the desired outcome is clear, a competent physician will always be able to give you perspective. Similarly, it is impossible to eliminate all the fine lines. Any device that uses thermal energy can only reduce one type of wrinkles: the static ones. The other type (dynamic wrinkles) happens because of facial muscle contraction.

A combination of different approaches is often the best solution. Sometimes, a neurotoxin like Botox is helpful to reduce muscle activity. There is plenty of non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can reduce wrinkles!

The Bottom Line

Non-surgical treatments for wrinkle reduction are available and not painful. Above all, they are quick and cause new collagen development, which tightens the skin up. Needleless options include the use of radio frequency or laser. These days, Botox and dermal fillers are mostly used to give some definition to the lips.

Our Montreal estheticians would suggest you book an appointment to discuss the available options with our medical doctor.… Read the rest